Semi – Weekly Reflection Sep. 30

Throughout this week I feel Great, but, I know I could have done better.

This week didn’t accomplish much because the quests have started becoming longer than they were before. Some examples are the 2 – 3 minute story that is taking me some time compared to the quests I used to do which wouldn’t take me much time. I have also been experimenting in how to add videos in scratch and is going to be part of my 2 -3 minute story.

My prior goal was to get 200 gold by the next week. After today I will probably have around 175 gold. My new goal is to be close to done with the Factories so I can move onto something more challenging and learn a lot more. I would also like to expand what I know in Scratch and maybe even move on to another platform.



Reflection August 29

I know and feel like I have been wasting my time but mostly because I am confused when it comes to this game, Since then I have asked my peers and I understand most of the game now and my goal is to have 100 gold by next week. I aim to be close to done with skill town and will do this by also working extra at home.

Capture 3



Who Am I

I am Aryan Sagar aka Youtuber with 100 trillion views and subscribers. I got here by titling my videos gone wrong, gone wrong in the hood, and he pulled a gun on me. I have lived in three different countries. Saudi Arabia, Cairo, and Dubai. I have a sister who goes to college. I am very passionate about youtube because I know the trick to getting rich (clickbait)