Self-Reflection 5/11 – Aryan Sagar

I gave it my all, I did try to succeed because I knew that the semester exam was coming up and I wanted to start preparing. In fact I started working at home on codecademy because I knew if I didn’t get to 100% it would have really annoyed me. So on Saturday I had all my other work done and decided to work on codecademy, getting up to 96% and then continuing in class which gave me that extra push to finally accomplish my goal that I have been working towards for a while, which was to complete this very long course. My previous goal was to finish the course on codecademy so I could have time in class to start preparing for the final exam. I do not have a goal for the next two weeks as the semester exam is coming up next Tuesday. My only goal is too make sure I am well prepared.


Self-Reflection 4/26 – Aryan Sagar

I gave it my all, I am still struggling in trying to finish python on codecademy. I am at around 85% because I was learning how to control games using python but it was very complicated. They are extremely long and you have to understand the game and how to structure your code. I did around 1 code last week and looked for websites and tutorials to help me. Once I finished battleship I have started classes. I am currently doing introduction to classes. I have been thinking about what to do after I am done with codecademy, which in fact is my goal for next week. I wanted to previously start Java after Python but now since I have learned about the new format for python I will be continuing with python and expanding my knowledge. I am planning to start getting ready for the exam by doing codingbat python. I am also planning to work at home to get ready for my exam.

In my last reflection I stated that I would like to finish this course before spring break but also mentioned it would be very hard. I have not completed but believe I will be able to complete the remaining 7% in the next classes before my next reflection.