Self-Reflection April 6th

I know I gave it my all the past two weeks.  I believe this as I am getting closer to completing the codecademy course Python. I am getting really close and will be completing the HTML + CSS course after I am done with Python or I might start Java. I have been deciding because I am more interested in HTML + CSS but I know Java is more well known and is crucial when getting a job. This is also an advantage because if I cant figure something out it will be easier to find content online than if I am doing HTML and CSS. My previous goal was to hit 80% on Python and I have surpassed that goal and am currently at 85%.

I would like to be able to be done with Python by this week because Spring Break will begin this week. I do not think I will be able to be done as it will be a lot of work to try at get 14% done in only two class periods. I am determined to finish this course so I will be also working at home to try and reach this goal by Thursday.

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