LOYO Large Done

My previous goal was to reach 50% doing  HTML and CSS but I changed my course and went back to python. I was at around 33% when I started this goal and I am well over 60% on Python. I changed my course but achieved a lot more than I thought I would and believe that I will go back to HTML and CSS after I complete Python.

One thought on “LOYO Large Done”

  1. Not bad, Hsac. Why did you decide to change course? Why do you feel a need to finish Python before going back to HTML? Why did you leave Python for HTML to begin with? So many questions this post raises…the story is definitely only just begun!

    (BTW, you shouldn’t claim to be a Loremaster until you earn that rank. You can claim “Codespeller,” “codeweaver,” “master spell caster,” “coding mastercraftsman” or various other appellations. However, “Loremaster” is a specific rank here in Gnimmargorp and you haven’t earned it, yet.

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