Reflection March 23rd – Aryan Sagar

I believe I did great but I could have done better. I was doing the best I could until the class I had computer science last block.  I did well that class, infarct I leveled up twice but 10 minutes before class ended I got really restless and started messing around with Hesham and talking. I did really well those two weeks and leveled up in codecademy a lot more than I thought I would. I spent a lot of time on BattleShip! because I had the correct code but when I clicked save and submit it would not work. I consulted with Loremaster Rellim about this and then it suddenly started working. I will be collecting my GOYO that I forgot to collect.

I am currently on 71% on codecademy on Exam Statistics. I was having trouble with one of them so I went on to codecademy’s forum where someone had a similar question to me. ( Someone asked if you could have the same variable in two different functions which was similar to the question I had. I did not achieve my last goal which was to reach 75% and was probably due to the problem I had with battleship and the increased complexity that comes with functions. My next goal is to be atleast 80% by next time which I believe is a reasonable goal.

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