Self – Reflection 24th January

I gave it my all, I started doing the Explore On Your Own GO-YO on code academy and have already completed 7 classes. My goal was to reach 35% and I am on 28%. I didn’t achieve my goal of 35% as I overstepped what I thought I could do in a limited time. I also believe that if I hadn’t left class last week I may have been able to achieve my goal. I did not achieve my previous goal because it was to master coding bat but I switched to GO-YO as I wanted a break from coding bat. My goal is to reach 38% by next reflection time.

This video taught me how to understand different versions of python such as strings and variables. I rate this video a 4 out of 5 because it left me confused in some areas. If people are having trouble going threw codecademy this will be a very effective source of information and will help most get started.

One thought on “Self – Reflection 24th January”

  1. I like how you’re switching between approaches, but still focusing on learning the same language. This sort of alternating attack is very helpful for your brain.

    Unfortunately, I can’t agree that you “gave it your all” when your reflection was posted 11 days late. You need to raise your standards. Posting that late qualifies as “no second effort” at best. The work during those weeks may have involved giving it your all, but when the only assignment you have involves a 1 paragraph post and you have 3 days to make it, being 11 days late just doesn’t reflect even a “Good, but” level of effort.

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