Self – Reflection December 1st

I gave it my all, I believe this because as I just had my computer science exam I started working on codingbat and have now learnt how to complete string, recursion, and logic questions. I started using codingbat and got help by my friends to learn the basics such as using if, return, else, using collins, and indenting the correct way. I later on started researching how to complete true and false problems and learning strings. I also had to use the internet to start the basics of string problems I used this website:

I completed my first string problems after using this website:

def hello_name(name):

┬áreturn “Hello ” + name + “!” and

def make_abba(a, b):

 return a + b + b + a

I would like to keep going with codingbat and learn other types of coding instead of strings and logic but also keep working to master those.

I used this website: And I found it extremely helpful as it was straightforward and extremely easy and taught me the basics straight away and was reliable as it was from codingbat themselves.