Self-Reflection 5/11 – Aryan Sagar

I gave it my all, I did try to succeed because I knew that the semester exam was coming up and I wanted to start preparing. In fact I started working at home on codecademy because I knew if I didn’t get to 100% it would have really annoyed me. So on Saturday I had all my other work done and decided to work on codecademy, getting up to 96% and then continuing in class which gave me that extra push to finally accomplish my goal that I have been working towards for a while, which was to complete this very long course. My previous goal was to finish the course on codecademy so I could have time in class to start preparing for the final exam. I do not have a goal for the next two weeks as the semester exam is coming up next Tuesday. My only goal is too make sure I am well prepared.


Self-Reflection 4/26 – Aryan Sagar

I gave it my all, I am still struggling in trying to finish python on codecademy. I am at around 85% because I was learning how to control games using python but it was very complicated. They are extremely long and you have to understand the game and how to structure your code. I did around 1 code last week and looked for websites and tutorials to help me. Once I finished battleship I have started classes. I am currently doing introduction to classes. I have been thinking about what to do after I am done with codecademy, which in fact is my goal for next week. I wanted to previously start Java after Python but now since I have learned about the new format for python I will be continuing with python and expanding my knowledge. I am planning to start getting ready for the exam by doing codingbat python. I am also planning to work at home to get ready for my exam.

In my last reflection I stated that I would like to finish this course before spring break but also mentioned it would be very hard. I have not completed but believe I will be able to complete the remaining 7% in the next classes before my next reflection.

Self-Reflection April 6th

I know I gave it my all the past two weeks.  I believe this as I am getting closer to completing the codecademy course Python. I am getting really close and will be completing the HTML + CSS course after I am done with Python or I might start Java. I have been deciding because I am more interested in HTML + CSS but I know Java is more well known and is crucial when getting a job. This is also an advantage because if I cant figure something out it will be easier to find content online than if I am doing HTML and CSS. My previous goal was to hit 80% on Python and I have surpassed that goal and am currently at 85%.

I would like to be able to be done with Python by this week because Spring Break will begin this week. I do not think I will be able to be done as it will be a lot of work to try at get 14% done in only two class periods. I am determined to finish this course so I will be also working at home to try and reach this goal by Thursday.

LOYO Large Done

My previous goal was to reach 50% doing  HTML and CSS but I changed my course and went back to python. I was at around 33% when I started this goal and I am well over 60% on Python. I changed my course but achieved a lot more than I thought I would and believe that I will go back to HTML and CSS after I complete Python.

Reflection March 23rd – Aryan Sagar

I believe I did great but I could have done better. I was doing the best I could until the class I had computer science last block.  I did well that class, infarct I leveled up twice but 10 minutes before class ended I got really restless and started messing around with Hesham and talking. I did really well those two weeks and leveled up in codecademy a lot more than I thought I would. I spent a lot of time on BattleShip! because I had the correct code but when I clicked save and submit it would not work. I consulted with Loremaster Rellim about this and then it suddenly started working. I will be collecting my GOYO that I forgot to collect.

I am currently on 71% on codecademy on Exam Statistics. I was having trouble with one of them so I went on to codecademy’s forum where someone had a similar question to me. ( Someone asked if you could have the same variable in two different functions which was similar to the question I had. I did not achieve my last goal which was to reach 75% and was probably due to the problem I had with battleship and the increased complexity that comes with functions. My next goal is to be atleast 80% by next time which I believe is a reasonable goal.

March 2nd Reflection

For the past weeks I gave it my all. Two Weeks Ago I found a website called tutorial points which really helped me reach my goal and even surpass it. I wanted to have been done with this course by the time of my next reflection but I never seem to understand how in-depth these courses are. The coding has become so long that in a whole class I finish about 6 or 7 codes. The average amount is around 15 to 18 coded to increase your percentage and move on to the next lesson. I will want to take help from some more outside sources or Mr. Miller because at this rate it will take me a while to finish this course. The codes I have been doing are becoming extremely long and harder by the minute. I will definitely spend some time looking for outside sources which may take a while but will definitely boost the amount of coding I get done per class period.

Example of Long Code:

def hotel_cost (nights):
return 140 * nights
def plane_ride_cost (city):
if city == “Charlotte”:
return 183
elif city == “Tampa”:
return 220
elif city == “Pittsburgh”:
return 222
elif city == “Los Angeles”:
return 475
def rental_car_cost (days):
if days < 3:
return 40 * days
elif days > 6:
return 40 * days – 50
return 40 * days – 20
def trip_cost (city, days, spending_money):
return rental_car_cost(days) + hotel_cost (days) + plane_ride_cost (city) + spending_money

print trip_cost (“Los Angeles”, 5, 600)

As of now I am at 57% and I would like to be at 75% by next reflection time. I believe this is a hard goal to achieve but if I spend my class time with more coding and a little less socializing and especially if I fins some good outside sources I may be able to achieve this goal.

Self – Reflection for February 16th

For the past weeks I believe that I have given it my all. I had been stuck at around 27 percent that took me around 6 classes to achieve as it took me a while to complete the courses due to the fact that I wasn’t understanding much when it came to functions. My friend then showed me a site which actually really helped me understand functions .(

I read on codecademy that this was supposed to be a 4 hour course yet it has taken me a lot more than four hours and I am only half way done. After I learned how helpful outside sources can be I believe that I can easily finish this course in the next two or maximum three periods. I also have been using this form that is on the same site, tutorialpoint. (

I am going to be using tutorialpoint whenever I have trouble and am going to aim to finish this course in the next two periods. I achieved my goal of reaching 38 percent and even went over by 9 percent. I am also planning to join the course of making a website on codecademy which is a lot shorter of a course and I find this extremely interesting.



GOYO Large Done

I did not really plan for this project as my plan was to do python using I would go ahead and try to finish and master functions. My goal was to reach 35% in five classes and I have learnt that the course is a lot larger than what I had expected. After 7 classes I have reached 28%. 

I learnt the main ways of coding using python such as Functions. This helped me take a step forward in coding as I want to be a programmer when I grow up. I will share this with my parents as they also want me to be a programmer and my parents are also interested in programming.

Self – Reflection 24th January

I gave it my all, I started doing the Explore On Your Own GO-YO on code academy and have already completed 7 classes. My goal was to reach 35% and I am on 28%. I didn’t achieve my goal of 35% as I overstepped what I thought I could do in a limited time. I also believe that if I hadn’t left class last week I may have been able to achieve my goal. I did not achieve my previous goal because it was to master coding bat but I switched to GO-YO as I wanted a break from coding bat. My goal is to reach 38% by next reflection time.

This video taught me how to understand different versions of python such as strings and variables. I rate this video a 4 out of 5 because it left me confused in some areas. If people are having trouble going threw codecademy this will be a very effective source of information and will help most get started.