Final self-reflection

For the past year, I gave it my all and consistently tried to succeed. I have made numerous programs and also learned more about the coding language. I learned more about java and especially more in python. By using codeacademy I learned javascript as well. Making games and building programs that help our daily life is now easier to make. Now I can make a program that is simple, efficient and better than last semester when I first joined this class. This year, I learned that I was interested in computer science. I had some interests in this class but as I took it, I realized I can take it further. During class I had some side chats with my friends, but I still think I gave it my all since I have achieved so much from this class. If I look back at my journey throughout the semester, I think I achieved a lot and those times were not wasted. Thank you Mr Miller for making this class amazing!

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