Self reflection 5/11

For the past couple of classes I gave it my all and consistently tried to succeed. As I said on my previous self reflection, I would like to work on practice making games for my semester exam. I have made tic tac toe on java and improved it more than the one I made last semester. The code is pretty much alike, but I added better designs. The proof will be below this paragraph. I also learned recursion using some online sources since if I choose to do the ladder, I would have to know it to succeed in it. I knew what recursion was, but I have never tried to learn it in depth, I only knew the basics of it. However looking at the sources, I have learned more about it, and possibly could succeed in my semester exam.


My goal last time was to make games so I can practice for my semester exam. I think I have achieved it by making a tic tac toe game, which was on the list on gnimmagorp which can help us for the exam. Since I might change my mind during the exam, I will also practice the ladder, so I would need to practice python including recursion. My goal next time is becoming a master in recursion so I can solve any problems using it. I hope I do succeed so I can end with a good grade in this class. Thinking back, the most successful thing I have done was developing my coding skills. When I first came into this class, I knew a little bit of coding, but as I learned more coding in this class, I feel like I am more confident.

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