Self reflection 4/26

For the past couple of weeks, I gave it my all, consistently trying to succeed. I started off by doing some picoCTF problems on the picoCTF 2017 website. I managed to finish the tutorial however the official problems were difficult, and I was not able to finish any of them. However I was really close to solving one question. The questions were extremely hard so solving one question was hard since I have never tried this type of things before. Also I have been doing codingbat again so I can practice for my final exam. I have also finished 95% of javascript on codecademy. Also practicing for my other final exam, which is making a game, I have made a game in java. It is a random number generator which can be used to generate numbers randomly. You can select a range between 0~a number you want.

My goal last time was to finish javascript and keep working on codingbat. I have achieved my goal of working on codingbat, however javascript got harder as the levels increased, so I was only able to do 95%. Next time I will finish it to 100%. For the next few classes I will work on making games which can help me for my semester exam.

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