GOYO, large

For the past 5 days in class I have been working on a website called codecombat. You have to get through stages, which are like games, using codes. You learn new codes as you progress, which can help students learn coding faster and with enjoyment. By doing this project, I feel like now I understand how the combat games are actually made. For me this is a positive progress since I have learned new things about coding games. By learning this coding skill, this can help me develop new games using other languages and also java. I would like to share this with my peers who are interested in coding, and I hope they will enjoy it too.

This is the site and the codes that are used in the game. I have not progressed a lot in the game, however if I do, the code will look harder and I will understand more about combat games.

One thought on “GOYO, large”

  1. It’s an interesting site and possibly an effective way to learn coding…not enough evidence yet to say for sure. If you decide to continue using it, I’d like to see specific goals in your GOYO plan post. What stage/level would you like to progress to for the next report?

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