Self reflection 4/26

For the past couple of weeks, I gave it my all, consistently trying to succeed. I started off by doing some picoCTF problems on the picoCTF 2017 website. I managed to finish the tutorial however the official problems were difficult, and I was not able to finish any of them. However I was really close to solving one question. The questions were extremely hard so solving one question was hard since I have never tried this type of things before. Also I have been doing codingbat again so I can practice for my final exam. I have also finished 95% of javascript on codecademy. Also practicing for my other final exam, which is making a game, I have made a game in java. It is a random number generator which can be used to generate numbers randomly. You can select a range between 0~a number you want.

My goal last time was to finish javascript and keep working on codingbat. I have achieved my goal of working on codingbat, however javascript got harder as the levels increased, so I was only able to do 95%. Next time I will finish it to 100%. For the next few classes I will work on making games which can help me for my semester exam.

Self Reflection 4/6

For the past 2 weeks, I have constantly tried to succeed and I gave it my all. I learned more javascript and I also was introduced to a new coding website called, by Titus. I am nearly done with javascript and I have learned new things by doing codecombat. It is a website where you control your character in order to beat the stage, but by using codes. The pictures below are the proof for my work for the past 2 weeks.

My goal was to at least do 85% javascript, and I have achieved this by doing 88% of it. My other goal was to learn more about pygame, however by doing codecombat it gives me a brief idea about how to code combat games on python, which I think I benefited more than learning pygame. My goal for next time is to finish javascript and also keep on working on codingbat.


GOYO, large

For the past 5 days in class I have been working on a website called codecombat. You have to get through stages, which are like games, using codes. You learn new codes as you progress, which can help students learn coding faster and with enjoyment. By doing this project, I feel like now I understand how the combat games are actually made. For me this is a positive progress since I have learned new things about coding games. By learning this coding skill, this can help me develop new games using other languages and also java. I would like to share this with my peers who are interested in coding, and I hope they will enjoy it too.

This is the site and the codes that are used in the game. I have not progressed a lot in the game, however if I do, the code will look harder and I will understand more about combat games.