Self-reflection 3/23

For the past 2 weeks I have tried my best to succeed. I consistently tried to succeed and I feel like I did succeed. During the past 2 weeks I have continued to learn javascript, and also I tried to learn pygames from the website, This is the proof for my learning on codecademy.

This code is not my very own, however by using this code, I have learned how to make this. ^

Last reflection my goal was to do 50% of javascript and start pygame. I did achieve both of these goals, proving that I have succeeded in the past 2 weeks. My goal for next time is to finish javascript and also learn more about pygame. Instead of using other people’s idea, I would like to come up with an idea for a good game to build with pygame. So my plan for the semester is to learn more about pygame and also start a new language, HTML to build a website of my own. Also I am very interested in hacking as well, maybe I can have a look at it too.

Self-reflection 3/2

During the past few weeks I gave it my all in order to succeed. As I already posted a post on this, but I have been trying really hard making a calculator. It’s not the best calculator you can find, but it works fine. I also have been studying javascript for the past 3 classes, and I have reached about 30% of the course on codecademy. Here is my evidence:

Since I have already posted a description about the calculator I will post the link to it.

Here is the Codecademy site where I did 31% of the course.

By doing this course on codecademy, I have learned javascript. I also found out that, C and java are similar to javascript, which makes it really easy to learn. My goal last week was to finish making the calculator, and I have successfully done it. My goal this time is to get about 50% of the course on javascript. If I finish this course, it will mean I can fluently code on C, java, javascript, and python. The beginning of the year, I came in this class to learn more computer programming languages. I only knew C and java, but I have learned two new programming languages, which I think is a big improvement. When I finish this javascript course I would like to try making games on pygame.