Self-reflection, February 16th

The few weeks have been successful for me. I gave it my all to succeed. I have been making a program that you can play rock paper scissors with a computer. There is a fair chance of wins, loses and ties. I have made a winning rate and it shows around 33% as you play more. I have already posted a GOYO post about it but I have learned that I can add pictures on java. Below is the rock paper scissors program I made and the link to the code is on the GOYO project.

I have currently been doing codecademy and also tried to learn pygame. It is really interesting and I enjoy learning it. My goal for next time is finish making my calculator. I have started making it for the past two days and my goal is to finish it. Below is the picture what I have been doing it for two days. I have not put commands on it yet, but I have made the buttons and designed it so it looks cleaner.


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