GOYO Large

I have been studying random numbers on python. So I wanted to make a small game related to random numbers. I am not too good at making games on python, so I choose to make the game on java. I was not really good at using random numbers, so I chose to study a little bit about it for 2 classes. At first I made a heads or tails program for 1 more class, but it was not as fun to do. So I made a rock paper scissors program for the 2 classes. After I made this, I felt like I could improve this program, so I put a win, lose, tie count so it shows how good you are. The opponent is a computer and it generates random numbers, meaning you can not guess what they are going to put. I started planning it by writing what I had to do for all things I needed, such as Buttons, Panels, Integers, and so on. By making this program, I learned that you could put pictures in a java program. I did know that it was possible but I have never tried it before. I feel like I have accomplished something big by doing this. This project might change my work, by using more pictures in my program, and make it look more visual. This project can be used when someone is bored and nothing to do. It will help them escape boredom. This project was a very successful piece of code. It would be nice if I was able to receive more than 30 Golds.

These are the codes and a picture when the code was running.

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