Self-reflection, January 24th

The beginning of this semester to now, which was about 3 weeks was fairly successful for me. I bought a new laptop so I lost all my programs I had on my old one. So I tried  recreating all of them, and succeeded. So I give myself I gave it my all. After recreating all my previous programs, I have been making programs related to random numbers in python, java, and c. I already knew how to do this in java and c, but it was my first time generating random numbers on python, so this was a new thing I learned. A really basic program I made using random numbers was making the program choose the superlatives for the class of 2019, by typing all the names and randomly generating one boy and girl. Below is the code.

My goal last reflection was to make a better tic tac toe game I have been making. While I was recreating my old programs I had on my previous laptop, I made it even better with better designs and at the bottom of the tic tac toe board, I made a panel where it shows whose turn it is. My goal for this time is to get better at python. Out of the 3 languages I have used python is the worst and least experienced language. However I have heard you are able to do a lot of things with it, if you know how to use it. So my goal is to do some codecademy for python and actually try making programs that are useful with python.