Self-reflection, December 1st

I gave it my all and I tried consistently tried to succeed. I did not only make myself succeed, but I also helped one of my peers on codingbat for them to succeed as well. I have recently been doing codingbat as well. The first part I found it easy, however as the levels went up, the questions got harder. However spending time on doing it finally made me finish the python section of codingbat. Down below is proof of the finished codingbat.


My goal last time was to make a computer versus human tic tac toe game. I have made it but there are a lot of errors. The first error is, for some reason if I create a random integer it does not work. So for now I made the computer start at the middle. Also another error is, the first round of the game works well, however the second, third, fourth fifth, etc. rounds do not work properly. The really cool thing about this program is that it is hard for the player to win, since it blocks the players and tries to win. Also I improved the design of the tic tac toe board. This is the game I have made so far with the code.


CODE:  tic tac toe

My goal for next time is to make this game better without any errors. Also, since I have been studying hard for the boss challenge, I would like to get a good score on it.