Semi-weekly reflection, Sep 30

For the past two weeks, I have been trying coding with a new platform, which is python. I have tried hard to succeed and gave it my all. I found some interest in python, and since it was interesting it made me work even harder. I found out how to print on python, and also make a lullaby. This was successful, however it took me and Loremasterrellim about 1 class to figure out how to get swampy on my laptop. We figured it out and it works successfully, but it just took time to make it work.

This is the swampy turtleworld project I have made. It is really simple but I feel like I have achieved a lot.


My goal last time was to have more ideas and create more stuff with creativity. I achieved my goal by creating new stuff on scratch. One example is ping pong. I made a game that you could play ping pong with a paddle that I have programmed on scratch. My goal this time would be to be better at TurtleWorld. Instead of making really simple programs, I would want to make a more complex programs.

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