Semi-weekly self assessment, Sep 8

For the 5 previous classes I gave it my all. I consistently tried to succeed. I have constantly tried to become a better scratcher and tried hard every class, making new things every class. My most recent project was a story I made mostly using hide, show, go to x:y, and go to front. There were some mistakes in my projects, however it turned out to be a good project after covering up my mistakes with the good parts of the code.

This is the story I have been working on.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 10.09.52 AM

My goal last time was to become better at scratch. I have achieved this goal and by looking at my projects now and the previous ones, you could see a distinct difference. My goal for next time is to have better ideas of what I would like to make. I always struggle to think of what I should make.

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  1. If you ever run out of ideas for what to make, let me know and we can brainstorm some others for you, together. It sounds like you’re rolling along nicely, Yeong-Kwan. I know the people of Gnimmargorp appreciate the work you’ve done for them!

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