Final self-reflection

For the past year, I gave it my all and consistently tried to succeed. I have made numerous programs and also learned more about the coding language. I learned more about java and especially more in python. By using codeacademy I learned javascript as well. Making games and building programs that help our daily life is now easier to make. Now I can make a program that is simple, efficient and better than last semester when I first joined this class. This year, I learned that I was interested in computer science. I had some interests in this class but as I took it, I realized I can take it further. During class I had some side chats with my friends, but I still think I gave it my all since I have achieved so much from this class. If I look back at my journey throughout the semester, I think I achieved a lot and those times were not wasted. Thank you Mr Miller for making this class amazing!

Self reflection 5/11

For the past couple of classes I gave it my all and consistently tried to succeed. As I said on my previous self reflection, I would like to work on practice making games for my semester exam. I have made tic tac toe on java and improved it more than the one I made last semester. The code is pretty much alike, but I added better designs. The proof will be below this paragraph. I also learned recursion using some online sources since if I choose to do the ladder, I would have to know it to succeed in it. I knew what recursion was, but I have never tried to learn it in depth, I only knew the basics of it. However looking at the sources, I have learned more about it, and possibly could succeed in my semester exam.


My goal last time was to make games so I can practice for my semester exam. I think I have achieved it by making a tic tac toe game, which was on the list on gnimmagorp which can help us for the exam. Since I might change my mind during the exam, I will also practice the ladder, so I would need to practice python including recursion. My goal next time is becoming a master in recursion so I can solve any problems using it. I hope I do succeed so I can end with a good grade in this class. Thinking back, the most successful thing I have done was developing my coding skills. When I first came into this class, I knew a little bit of coding, but as I learned more coding in this class, I feel like I am more confident.

Self reflection 4/26

For the past couple of weeks, I gave it my all, consistently trying to succeed. I started off by doing some picoCTF problems on the picoCTF 2017 website. I managed to finish the tutorial however the official problems were difficult, and I was not able to finish any of them. However I was really close to solving one question. The questions were extremely hard so solving one question was hard since I have never tried this type of things before. Also I have been doing codingbat again so I can practice for my final exam. I have also finished 95% of javascript on codecademy. Also practicing for my other final exam, which is making a game, I have made a game in java. It is a random number generator which can be used to generate numbers randomly. You can select a range between 0~a number you want.

My goal last time was to finish javascript and keep working on codingbat. I have achieved my goal of working on codingbat, however javascript got harder as the levels increased, so I was only able to do 95%. Next time I will finish it to 100%. For the next few classes I will work on making games which can help me for my semester exam.

Self Reflection 4/6

For the past 2 weeks, I have constantly tried to succeed and I gave it my all. I learned more javascript and I also was introduced to a new coding website called, by Titus. I am nearly done with javascript and I have learned new things by doing codecombat. It is a website where you control your character in order to beat the stage, but by using codes. The pictures below are the proof for my work for the past 2 weeks.

My goal was to at least do 85% javascript, and I have achieved this by doing 88% of it. My other goal was to learn more about pygame, however by doing codecombat it gives me a brief idea about how to code combat games on python, which I think I benefited more than learning pygame. My goal for next time is to finish javascript and also keep on working on codingbat.


GOYO, large

For the past 5 days in class I have been working on a website called codecombat. You have to get through stages, which are like games, using codes. You learn new codes as you progress, which can help students learn coding faster and with enjoyment. By doing this project, I feel like now I understand how the combat games are actually made. For me this is a positive progress since I have learned new things about coding games. By learning this coding skill, this can help me develop new games using other languages and also java. I would like to share this with my peers who are interested in coding, and I hope they will enjoy it too.

This is the site and the codes that are used in the game. I have not progressed a lot in the game, however if I do, the code will look harder and I will understand more about combat games.

Self-reflection 3/23

For the past 2 weeks I have tried my best to succeed. I consistently tried to succeed and I feel like I did succeed. During the past 2 weeks I have continued to learn javascript, and also I tried to learn pygames from the website, This is the proof for my learning on codecademy.

This code is not my very own, however by using this code, I have learned how to make this. ^

Last reflection my goal was to do 50% of javascript and start pygame. I did achieve both of these goals, proving that I have succeeded in the past 2 weeks. My goal for next time is to finish javascript and also learn more about pygame. Instead of using other people’s idea, I would like to come up with an idea for a good game to build with pygame. So my plan for the semester is to learn more about pygame and also start a new language, HTML to build a website of my own. Also I am very interested in hacking as well, maybe I can have a look at it too.

Self-reflection 3/2

During the past few weeks I gave it my all in order to succeed. As I already posted a post on this, but I have been trying really hard making a calculator. It’s not the best calculator you can find, but it works fine. I also have been studying javascript for the past 3 classes, and I have reached about 30% of the course on codecademy. Here is my evidence:

Since I have already posted a description about the calculator I will post the link to it.

Here is the Codecademy site where I did 31% of the course.

By doing this course on codecademy, I have learned javascript. I also found out that, C and java are similar to javascript, which makes it really easy to learn. My goal last week was to finish making the calculator, and I have successfully done it. My goal this time is to get about 50% of the course on javascript. If I finish this course, it will mean I can fluently code on C, java, javascript, and python. The beginning of the year, I came in this class to learn more computer programming languages. I only knew C and java, but I have learned two new programming languages, which I think is a big improvement. When I finish this javascript course I would like to try making games on pygame.

GOYO Large

Calculating things such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication is easy to do but you must print the result like System.out.println(3+5);. However this calculator I made using java is made for people who do not know any clue how to code. Just by a normal calculator, you have all the numbers and the signs, and all you have to do is press the buttons. I feel really accomplished by doing this project. The previous projects I made was games, but this one is a program that can actually help people. There are many more better calculators on the internet that are better than me, however I think the calculator I made was a step to make mine better like the ones you can see on a mac or windows. My calculator is only for two numbers, so if you type 1+1+2, you will get 3. I still have not been able to figure out how to do 3 or more numbers, and that will be posted on my next GOYO, with an improved and better one. I did not learn anything new doing this project, but if I progress and figure out how to multiply, divide, add or subtract 3 or more numbers, it will be something new I will learn. The program I made is very good for people who need a calculator. When I use it, I would feel accomplished, since I made a useful program! Below is the calculator and its code. Since this is a really useful code, I feel like extra credit will help me out.


In this input I am multiplying 7 with 9 giving me 63, which is 7 * 9.


import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
public class Main extends JFrame{
private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
static double x=0,y=0,result=0;
static int operator=0;
JLabel l;
JButton b[]=new JButton[18];
Container c;
l=new JLabel();
b[0]=new JButton(“1”);
b[1]=new JButton(“2”);
b[2]=new JButton(“3”);
b[3]=new JButton(“4”);
b[4]=new JButton(“5”);
b[5]=new JButton(“6”);
b[6]=new JButton(“7”);
b[7]=new JButton(“8”);
b[8]=new JButton(“9”);
b[9]=new JButton(“0”);
b[10]=new JButton(“x”);
b[11]=new JButton(“÷”);
b[12]=new JButton(“+”);
b[13]=new JButton(“-“);
b[14]=new JButton(“.”);
b[15]=new JButton(“=”);
b[16]=new JButton(“Delete”);
b[17]=new JButton(“Clear”);

l.setFont(new Font(“Arial”,Font.BOLD,40));






for(int i=0;i<18;i++){
b[i].setFont(new Font(“Arial”,Font.BOLD,20));
b[i].addActionListener(new MyButtonListener());
class MyButtonListener implements ActionListener{
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
Object source=e.getSource();
if(source==b[11]){// /
if(source==b[10]){// x
if(source==b[13]){// –
if(source==b[12]){// +

case 1: result=x+y;

case 2: result=x-y;

case 3: result=x*y;

case 4: result=x/y;

default: result=0;

String s=l.getText();
for(int i=0;i<s.length()-1;i++){
public static void main(String[] args) {
new Main();

Self-reflection, February 16th

The few weeks have been successful for me. I gave it my all to succeed. I have been making a program that you can play rock paper scissors with a computer. There is a fair chance of wins, loses and ties. I have made a winning rate and it shows around 33% as you play more. I have already posted a GOYO post about it but I have learned that I can add pictures on java. Below is the rock paper scissors program I made and the link to the code is on the GOYO project.

I have currently been doing codecademy and also tried to learn pygame. It is really interesting and I enjoy learning it. My goal for next time is finish making my calculator. I have started making it for the past two days and my goal is to finish it. Below is the picture what I have been doing it for two days. I have not put commands on it yet, but I have made the buttons and designed it so it looks cleaner.


GOYO Large

I have been studying random numbers on python. So I wanted to make a small game related to random numbers. I am not too good at making games on python, so I choose to make the game on java. I was not really good at using random numbers, so I chose to study a little bit about it for 2 classes. At first I made a heads or tails program for 1 more class, but it was not as fun to do. So I made a rock paper scissors program for the 2 classes. After I made this, I felt like I could improve this program, so I put a win, lose, tie count so it shows how good you are. The opponent is a computer and it generates random numbers, meaning you can not guess what they are going to put. I started planning it by writing what I had to do for all things I needed, such as Buttons, Panels, Integers, and so on. By making this program, I learned that you could put pictures in a java program. I did know that it was possible but I have never tried it before. I feel like I have accomplished something big by doing this. This project might change my work, by using more pictures in my program, and make it look more visual. This project can be used when someone is bored and nothing to do. It will help them escape boredom. This project was a very successful piece of code. It would be nice if I was able to receive more than 30 Golds.

These are the codes and a picture when the code was running.