Final Self-Reflection

How did you do this year?

I gave it my all. I learned a lot and I couldn’t be more grateful. Python had me up at night for projects that weren’t obligatory, but for the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment. I hope I don’t lose sight of this as I progress through high school.

What did you learn this year?

I learned a lot about python, for example, loops. I absolutely fell in love with those, as they are great tools for creating functional games. Recursion is also something I am proud to have learned, while it may seem somewhat unnecessary to use when you have loops to make things more efficient, it is still an interesting technique. I never was able to make a game from Scratch before, nor was I ever able to from scratch. Both ways were exciting and fun, and I got to better express my creativity.

As for myself, I learned that I once underestimated myself. I didn’t think I’d enjoy programming as much as I did. This class is the only one I ever worked on for extra credit during a long break (that being this Christmas). Also, I learned that I loved competition, while it wasn’t intensely incorporated in gnimmargorp, I rose to the challenge to ensure I had most gold, and Top 5 for the other categories. I found that I pride in being unique, as I finished as being one of the only people to get through the Tsin quests. All of these things will come in handy, I’m sure of it. I will genuinely miss the class.

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