Large GOYO: CodeCombat #1

It has been 5 classes! YAY! I can now discuss my whereabouts. I have not been in Gnimmargorp, no, I have travelled to a far off floating island known as Kithgard Dungeon, and have made my way through that into another floating island. This one is Backwoods Forest. A lot of CodeCombat is pay-to-play, which is also essentially pay-to-get-good. However, I am not too worried about that, I have so far completed 16 quests, with my hero, Alejandro. I am Level 11 on their rankings. In the dungeon, I learned Python syntax, methods, parameters, strings, loops, and variables while saving villages and fighting ogres. I’ve also been obtaining items that give me functions to use. Kithgard Dungeon took around 3 hours. Backwoods Forest in total will take 2-6 hours, according to the website, and I’ve done around 1/4 of it. There, so far, I’ve learned if/else statements and relational operators. There’s lots for me to explore still, and I will be updating a new GOYO every 5 classes for credit.
There is the full summary of my work so far. 39 achievements, 16 quests, and a lot of items.

Here is a screenshot of what the coding looks like, along with the animated output of what I inputted:

One thought on “Large GOYO: CodeCombat #1”

  1. Sounds interesting, Titus. What do you think about this method of learning Python (or any coding)? Is it effective?

    For the future, if you continue in the Backwoods Forest or other parts of CodeCombat, I’d like you to set measurable goals for your progress, such as a level/stage, or a point on the map which you’d like to reach before the end of the GOYO.

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