March 2nd reflection(late due to the math competition)

Last week, I was working on java in coding academy. It was really challenging for me so I decided to work on python again.

This week I gave it all to study hard on pythons and I worked on the python problems in codingbat. It was also very hard so I had to search for additional helps online.

Next week, I will work harder in python. I feel strongly that I should work more on strings instead of lists. Even though strings were easier for me last semester, I think I did not build enough basics.


One thought on “March 2nd reflection(late due to the math competition)”

  1. Good reflection and conclusions, Sang Won.

    Curiously, codingbat doesn’t have a record of you working so much on java nor on python over the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, I can’t award top marks for claims that have no matching evidence. 🙁

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