reflection Feb 8th

Last week, I worked on the python programming on code academy. I had some hard times where I was stuck and I had no more chances or hints. However, I got helps from my peers to solve it.

This week, I gave it all to java on code academy. Because I have done java before, it was somehow more manageable than before. I sometimes have to go back on my java book to recap what I have done, but it is still fun to do and I am earning a lot from it.

Next week I am thinking of keep working on java. Instead of using my book, I think I will use code academy first and

One thought on “reflection Feb 8th”

  1. Looks like you didn’t quite finish your thought, Sangwon.

    I would recommend you set measurable goals for the rest of the semester. For example, rather than “keep working on java,” set yourself a specific percentage you’d like to complete by the next check-in. Then you can clearly see whether you met your goal or not, think about why, and use that good information for setting your next goal.

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