reflection jan 24

As soon as the winter break ended, I gave it allĀ on python in-depth with code academy. It helped me a lot and I could learn thing pretty faster than I thought I would.

My last goal was to prepare for finals. I am pretty happy that I did fine.

My next goal is to keep working on python problems on codeacademy so that I can get better in this coding language.

One thought on “reflection jan 24”

  1. Sangwon, a couple things I’d like to see in your reflections this semester:
    1. I’d like you to expand your writing and tell me more about what you’re doing, what went well, what didn’t, and so on. Basically, communicate more fully.
    2. Think about your goals in a more practical sense. When you write your next reflection, how will you know if you met your goal? If you worked in Codecademy 5% of the time, will that count? If you progress through 2 lessons, would that be enough? Set a realistic, but challenging goal that is measurable. This does two things: it gives you something to work toward, but it also gives you experience estimating your own working ability and time usage. Being good at this sort of estimating will be really handy when you are a college student, or in your job.

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