self reflection 4/26

Last week, I was working on Python so that I could get ready for finals.

This week, I gave it all to python. I used whatever sites that could help me on it. I used codeacademy, codingbat, and some other Korean online cafe’s that has such informations particularly loops and strings.

Now, from now on, I want to search for challenging questions that I make sure that I am good and well prepared for the finals.

Reflection 6/April

Last week, I was working on the python practice problems on codingbat. I took very long to solver certain questions, but I am getting the hang of it.

This week, I gave it all to python practice problems. I decided that I should keep working on it since I found a lots of unnoticeable mistakes and weaknesses. I am also planning my python program so that I will be done by the end of the school year.

Next week, I am going to keep my goals. I really want to get better on python so that I can start creating programs.

reflection Mar 23

Last time, I was working on python problems in codingbat. I noticed I was somehow very bad in python strings. Therefore, I decided to work on strings this for march and half of april.

This week, as I planned, I worked on python. This is one of the questions that I have working on warmups.

Next week, I want to work further on my python problems. I heard that alex is working to make a python program that lets you to solve synthetic division. I also want to do something like that. So, in addition to practice problems on codingbat, I will start planning for a small project like what alex is doing.

March 2nd reflection(late due to the math competition)

Last week, I was working on java in coding academy. It was really challenging for me so I decided to work on python again.

This week I gave it all to study hard on pythons and I worked on the python problems in codingbat. It was also very hard so I had to search for additional helps online.

Next week, I will work harder in python. I feel strongly that I should work more on strings instead of lists. Even though strings were easier for me last semester, I think I did not build enough basics.


reflection Feb 8th

Last week, I worked on the python programming on code academy. I had some hard times where I was stuck and I had no more chances or hints. However, I got helps from my peers to solve it.

This week, I gave it all to java on code academy. Because I have done java before, it was somehow more manageable than before. I sometimes have to go back on my java book to recap what I have done, but it is still fun to do and I am earning a lot from it.

Next week I am thinking of keep working on java. Instead of using my book, I think I will use code academy first and

reflection jan 24

As soon as the winter break ended, I gave it all on python in-depth with code academy. It helped me a lot and I could learn thing pretty faster than I thought I would.

My last goal was to prepare for finals. I am pretty happy that I did fine.

My next goal is to keep working on python problems on codeacademy so that I can get better in this coding language.

New reflection Dec 1st

Last week, I gave it all on working on the bebras challenges and few other competition questions. However, I did forget to keep up with the finals preparation. I started learning python and decided to have some break on Java scripts. The lists functions still confuse me a lot. Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 10.20.11 PM

This week, I kept myself on solving the questions for the finals preparation since it is a big challenge to me. I have to learn a new style of coding language.

Next week, it will be finally finals. I wish I am prepared enough.

Reflection Oct/20

Last week, my goal was to get confident with the Bebras challenges so that I can do solve the higher level problems. This week, I gave it all to my previous challenge the Bebras challenge. Also, I worked on java in my spare times. The Bebras challenge is getting harder as I am solving in the higher age level problems. Therefore, my goal for next week is to get used to hard problems in the senior level problems. If possible, I want to try out for harder challenges than the ones that are in the senior level. (if there is one)

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 2.17.32 AM

Here is one of the problems that made me to spend most of my time. This problem also made to me try solving it over again even during my free time.


This week, I have been mostly focusing on the D3 mobile competition. I want to be the first ever Egyptian team to qualify and earn a medal. I also gave it all to my practices on putting different types of variables and printing it out.

Next week, when I come back from ISSTs, I will be starting a new chapter on by java script writing introduction book. Also, I will be starting the Python challenge with Alex.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 9.19.31 AM