Final Self Reflection :(

I think this year I was great, but I know I could’ve done better. I honestly learned a lot in this class. I started out not knowing how to use scratch, and ended up being a python master. I also grew a lot as a person in this wonderful class. I started out the year constantly speaking arabic and not being able to control it. The year ended with my friends speaking arabic but me not as I learned how to control myself. This helped me in a lot of other classes and I thank you for that Mr. Miller. I will be staying in touch! <3

Self Reflection 5/11

This week I think I gave my all. The exam is coming up and that worries me a lot so I’m trying hard to practice. I have done some gnimmargorp and some python and I have improved a bit but I’m still not ready for the exam.

My stats have improved and I have earned a lot of gold since I spent it all on early releases. My goal was to get ready for the exam so I can get a good grade on it, hopefully 100%, and to speak less arabic in class. I haven’t spoken arabic in a while as Mr. Miller can see and that is good and I still didn’t get the opportunity to do the exam. My goal is to get more than 95% on the exam and to continue speaking less arabic not only in this class, but in all my classes (except for Arabic class of course). The most surprising thing I learned this year about myself is that with hard work I can achieve anything. I didn’t think I can speak little arabic but I have done it.