April 6 Self Reflection

This week I gave it my all. I used the Avvisi to find new ideas of how to use my time using computer science.

Details: I worked on pioCTF 2017 and I used my own knowledge to get through the stages and I finished the introduction stage. I also worked more on the Sebha app with Hashem as we have how the app will look like.


This is a picture with my username showing I completed the introduction and I showed Mr. Miller a sketch of what the app will look like and what it will do and Hashem should’ve showed him the app itself on the laptop.

Goal Reflection: My goal is a long term goal which was to finish the Sebha App soon and it is going along well which I am happy about.

Goal: My goal is to progress even more in the Sebha App as it is hard to finish fast and I will work a lot in the pioCTF 2017.

Plans: I will watch more videos about the pioCTF and do some research so I can develop more skills to help me progress. I will also watch videos to help with the Sebha App.


One thought on “April 6 Self Reflection”

  1. I certainly comment about what you are doing more than a “Gave it my all” rating would warrant. A “gave it my all” shouldn’t elicit a single “Are you kidding me” comment from me for a two week period. Any time you hear that, you should immediately downgrade your expectations of how well you’ve engaged with the class.

    Think about sports. If you got on facebook, watched a movie, discussed homework for a class, etc. during a practice or a game, you wouldn’t tell your coach that you’d “given it your all” would you? You wouldn’t expect him to believe you, would you?

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