Self Reflection 4/26

In these past 2 weeks I think I gave it my all. I consistently tried to succeed but I have one issue which was my repetitive speaking of Arabic. Mr Miller told us that the exam is soon and I needed to back track a bit on everything I learned since the start of Semester 2. I went to codingbat to try some warm ups and it didn’t work out too well for me. I figured that I would have to go to the beginning of Village¬†of Cigol and watch Mr. Miller’s videos on python. My goal for the next few weeks is to go through everything I did and prepare for the exam so I will be watching videos by Mr. Miller and videos that he recommended and try to go through the Village of Cigol and codingbat. I have worked on the Sebha App in the lessons before knowing what the exam is about but I have put that aside for now.

April 6 Self Reflection

This week I gave it my all. I used the Avvisi to find new ideas of how to use my time using computer science.

Details: I worked on pioCTF 2017 and I used my own knowledge to get through the stages and I finished the introduction stage. I also worked more on the Sebha app with Hashem as we have how the app will look like.


This is a picture with my username showing I completed the introduction and I showed Mr. Miller a sketch of what the app will look like and what it will do and Hashem should’ve showed him the app itself on the laptop.

Goal Reflection: My goal is a long term goal which was to finish the Sebha App soon and it is going along well which I am happy about.

Goal: My goal is to progress even more in the Sebha App as it is hard to finish fast and I will work a lot in the pioCTF 2017.

Plans: I will watch more videos about the pioCTF and do some research so I can develop more skills to help me progress. I will also watch videos to help with the Sebha App.