Self Reflection March 23rd

This week I think I gave it my all even outside of class.

Details: I worked a lot with Hashem on Swift and I am trying to make an app. I learned a lot but it doesn’t download on my laptop so I worked a bit on Hashem’s until I download mine at home.

Proof: I now know that Xcode is the app maker but swift can be one of the ways used to make an app. I watched a few introductory videos to swift and understood a lot from them and here is a link to a few of the videos.

Goal reflection: My goal was a long term goal which cannot be measured and that is to learn how to use swift and currently I am happily learning with no complications.

Goal: My goal for the next few classes is to learn more about swift and comfortably start creating an app which is very simple but people could use.

Plans? I am going to try to create an app in this last quarter of the year in Computer Science. If I manage to create it, I will start doing videos on swift and how to create an app and hopefully they will help.

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