Self Reflection February 16th

This week I gave it my all and consistently tried to succeed. I have tried some string 2 problems a lot on codingbat but honestly I have failed. I asked Hashem Abdou for help and he did but my goal was to do it alone. My goal for the future is to do them alone without any hesitation.

The main thing I did was work on a project on making an App for Cairo American College with Hashem Abdou. He started working on this from the beginning of the year, and he also started to learn Swift and XCode a long time ago. I was looking at what he does and thought it was really cool, and since doing Codingbat started to get a bit boring, I thought why not try something new? So, thats why I started to learn from him.

He told me to download XCode, which I just did yesterday. My goal is to learn the basics of Swift so I can help Hashem with the App so we can get it done quicker. I know the concept of what’s happening but need to learn more.