Hunters and Healers – Gnimmargorp

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I hunted and 20hmohamed by first going to the stats and going to the leaderboards. I then found names that I can recognize as people in front of me so I can speak to them and tell them their mistake. Hesham was in front of me so I thought why not look at his posts and try to help him fix one. I looked through all the quests that had mastery and needed a codex post. There was one which was called “Operating”, which wasn’t really detailed and I told him to add on to it to take away the risk of being invited to the 300 club tomorrow. He fixed it and sent me the link of the fixed one which is down below:

Hunting and Healing – Operating


Getting Around Cigol – Village of Cigol

Moving and transitioning to python is a very big step. I still know nothing about pyhton and I’m worried I won’t understand because it looks like the complicated hacking scene in movies. I just need to follow step by step. I am looking forward to exploring python because I will be learning something completely new which I have no background experience with. I think my parents will be proud that I took this class because for once, I am learning a lot taking an elective.

Semi-weekly Reflection October 19th

In the past few weeks I think I gave it my all based on the following evidence. 2 classes ago I found out that I wasn’t logged in to scratch while I was working so al of my work wasn’t published except for one and I was almost done with the City of Esab. I have worked very hard to catch up with the class and I’m doing well. I am currently working on Digging Deeper…

My goal is to be done with the Narrow Gate and the section after. I might’ve been sloppy the weeks before, but I’ve been great for the past week or two. I hope you see that too.

Who are you? – Narrow Gate

My name is Mahmoud Abdel Baky known as 19mabdelbaky. I am more of an outdoors person rather than an indoors person on my computer. This class will teach me a lot. I am the type of person who likes to follow instructions exactly as they are and  I can do that in this class. Most of my time is either spent playing football, swimming, or playstation.