Final Self Reflection :(

I think this year I was great, but I know I could’ve done better. I honestly learned a lot in this class. I started out not knowing how to use scratch, and ended up being a python master. I also grew a lot as a person in this wonderful class. I started out the year constantly speaking arabic and not being able to control it. The year ended with my friends speaking arabic but me not as I learned how to control myself. This helped me in a lot of other classes and I thank you for that Mr. Miller. I will be staying in touch! <3

Self Reflection 5/11

This week I think I gave my all. The exam is coming up and that worries me a lot so I’m trying hard to practice. I have done some gnimmargorp and some python and I have improved a bit but I’m still not ready for the exam.

My stats have improved and I have earned a lot of gold since I spent it all on early releases. My goal was to get ready for the exam so I can get a good grade on it, hopefully 100%, and to speak less arabic in class. I haven’t spoken arabic in a while as Mr. Miller can see and that is good and I still didn’t get the opportunity to do the exam. My goal is to get more than 95% on the exam and to continue speaking less arabic not only in this class, but in all my classes (except for Arabic class of course). The most surprising thing I learned this year about myself is that with hard work I can achieve anything. I didn’t think I can speak little arabic but I have done it.

Self Reflection 4/26

In these past 2 weeks I think I gave it my all. I consistently tried to succeed but I have one issue which was my repetitive speaking of Arabic. Mr Miller told us that the exam is soon and I needed to back track a bit on everything I learned since the start of Semester 2. I went to codingbat to try some warm ups and it didn’t work out too well for me. I figured that I would have to go to the beginning of Village of Cigol and watch Mr. Miller’s videos on python. My goal for the next few weeks is to go through everything I did and prepare for the exam so I will be watching videos by Mr. Miller and videos that he recommended and try to go through the Village of Cigol and codingbat. I have worked on the Sebha App in the lessons before knowing what the exam is about but I have put that aside for now.

April 6 Self Reflection

This week I gave it my all. I used the Avvisi to find new ideas of how to use my time using computer science.

Details: I worked on pioCTF 2017 and I used my own knowledge to get through the stages and I finished the introduction stage. I also worked more on the Sebha app with Hashem as we have how the app will look like.


This is a picture with my username showing I completed the introduction and I showed Mr. Miller a sketch of what the app will look like and what it will do and Hashem should’ve showed him the app itself on the laptop.

Goal Reflection: My goal is a long term goal which was to finish the Sebha App soon and it is going along well which I am happy about.

Goal: My goal is to progress even more in the Sebha App as it is hard to finish fast and I will work a lot in the pioCTF 2017.

Plans: I will watch more videos about the pioCTF and do some research so I can develop more skills to help me progress. I will also watch videos to help with the Sebha App.


Self Reflection March 23rd

This week I think I gave it my all even outside of class.

Details: I worked a lot with Hashem on Swift and I am trying to make an app. I learned a lot but it doesn’t download on my laptop so I worked a bit on Hashem’s until I download mine at home.

Proof: I now know that Xcode is the app maker but swift can be one of the ways used to make an app. I watched a few introductory videos to swift and understood a lot from them and here is a link to a few of the videos.

Goal reflection: My goal was a long term goal which cannot be measured and that is to learn how to use swift and currently I am happily learning with no complications.

Goal: My goal for the next few classes is to learn more about swift and comfortably start creating an app which is very simple but people could use.

Plans? I am going to try to create an app in this last quarter of the year in Computer Science. If I manage to create it, I will start doing videos on swift and how to create an app and hopefully they will help.

Self Reflection February 16th

This week I gave it my all and consistently tried to succeed. I have tried some string 2 problems a lot on codingbat but honestly I have failed. I asked Hashem Abdou for help and he did but my goal was to do it alone. My goal for the future is to do them alone without any hesitation.

The main thing I did was work on a project on making an App for Cairo American College with Hashem Abdou. He started working on this from the beginning of the year, and he also started to learn Swift and XCode a long time ago. I was looking at what he does and thought it was really cool, and since doing Codingbat started to get a bit boring, I thought why not try something new? So, thats why I started to learn from him.

He told me to download XCode, which I just did yesterday. My goal is to learn the basics of Swift so I can help Hashem with the App so we can get it done quicker. I know the concept of what’s happening but need to learn more.

Self Reflection – December 4

This week I think I gave it my all in computer science class. The exam is coming up and I have been getting ready for it in many different ways. I firstly practice a lot on python and was challenged by Mr.Miller to make a loop of a tictac in the least amount of times possible which I succeeded in. I also went on coding bat for a long time and did most of warmups 1 and 2. This definitely is enough preparation for the exam.

What’s your grade? November 10th

I think that this week during my computer science class I gave it my all. The proof of my work is that last self-assessment I had one honor and now I have four. I also had 53 gold but now I have 138 gold. This shows improvement in my rate of growth and that I’m working on hard projects. I also was traveling for a lot of the time period so I worked on the Bebras Challenge practices for 2 classes so when I come back from London I can be ready.