Semi-Weekly Reflection May. 3rd

  • Details: Exams are coming up very soon! And I realized that beginning to program on Swift is not the best idea at the moment. I need to refresh my memory of coding on “coding bat” because I need to succeed on the semester final exam. Therefore I began to code on coding bat once again, however, I began to tackle the harder problems.
  • Proof: I especially focused on the Logic 2 problems over the past two weeks!

  • Goal reflection:I did not achieve my goal to be completely honest because I decided that beginning to code with a whole new language is not the best decision to be taken at the moment.
  • Goal:I hope to score a 100% correct answers on the final exam 🙂
  • Plans?
  • It has been a great year full of learning and experiencing new things, I would really like to continue coding over the summer because coding is something I really enjoy doing!

One thought on “Semi-Weekly Reflection May. 3rd”

  1. Feel free to post about what you’re doing here on the Codex; I love to keep up with former students who go on to do coding elsewhere.

    Also feel free to post (or email) questions, if you run into difficult bits. Of course you can post at big sites like StackExchange, too, but I just want to keep helping, if I can. 🙂

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