Final Self-Reflection

It has been a great year full of learning and growing. I really appreciate the effort Lore-master Rellim has put in with us, and in return I gave it my all in Intro to Computer Science beginning from the first few weeks.

I worked with many platforms in order to optimize my Computer Science learning. I began to work with Scratch and then as I progressed through the year I worked with Python and I significantly improved my programming and coding skills.

Overall, I grew as a person and getting to know myself when it comes to difficult problems that face me, I learned how to accept that some questions are difficult, persevere without giving up, and finally being rewarded once I figured the answer out.


Thanks for a great year full of learning developing, and growing!

Have a wonderful summer!

Self-Reflection 5/11

  • Details: Over the past two weeks, I gave it my all when I was practicing “codingbat” so that I am completely prepared for the final exam. Moreover, I started to be careful in the language that I use in class, because I lost many rewards and gold awards, I want to continue using English despite sitting with friends that speak Arabic.
  • Proof: below is a code that I wrote:

def love6(a, b): return a == 6 or b == 6 or (a + b) == 6 or abs(a – b) == 6

  • Goal reflection: I did not get the opportunity  to achieve my goal because my goal was to achieve a 100% on the exam.
  • Goal: My goal remains the same because I want to get a 100%.
  • Your year: I never thought I could be coding, at such a high level. I am not the kind of guy that was ever interested in heavy gaming or programming, however, this year that all changed!

Semi-Weekly Reflection May. 3rd

  • Details: Exams are coming up very soon! And I realized that beginning to program on Swift is not the best idea at the moment. I need to refresh my memory of coding on “coding bat” because I need to succeed on the semester final exam. Therefore I began to code on coding bat once again, however, I began to tackle the harder problems.
  • Proof: I especially focused on the Logic 2 problems over the past two weeks!

  • Goal reflection:I did not achieve my goal to be completely honest because I decided that beginning to code with a whole new language is not the best decision to be taken at the moment.
  • Goal:I hope to score a 100% correct answers on the final exam 🙂
  • Plans?
  • It has been a great year full of learning and experiencing new things, I would really like to continue coding over the summer because coding is something I really enjoy doing!