Semi-Weekly Reflection Apr. 8th

  • Details: Over the past two weeks I certainly gave it my all, I continued to learn about swift by watching youtube videos. In cooperation with Hashem, I experimented around with his Xcode program and I attempted to implement what I learned from the videos, however, I think I will need to get far more familiar with Swift and Xcode in order to be able to code at such an advanced level (for myself 🙂 ).
  • Proof: This whole time I was learning swift on a platform that was not Xcode therefore that’s what made less familiar with Xcode. I began to watch videos and tutorials for Xcode so that by the next reflection I am familiar.

  • Goal reflection: I feel that I definitely achieved my goal, going from knowing nothing about Swift, to starting to actually understand the basics and hopefully to start coding it very soon.
  • Goal: I want to start coding, and learning from my mistakes so that soon I can start on my first code using a whole new language: Swift! 🙂
  • Plans?
  • I want to start a new language, Swift, a language that will make me develop on a more advanced scale.

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