Self-Reflection Mar. 27th – Karim Taher

  • Details: I completed most of the code academy Python program over the weekend, and Hashem motivated me to download Xcode in order to start experimenting around with Swift. I began watching Swift tutorials, along with Hashemking’s help, I believe that I will learn how to program on a more advanced level and hope to do start doing so in the next few weeks. I think I gave it my all throughout the past two weeks and I hope to continue pushing myself to become a better programmer,=.
  • Proof:

  • Goal reflection: My goal was to complete the python Code Academy tutorial and unfortunately I did not achieve my goal as I only completed 82%. I believe my goal was not that reasonable and I must set a more reasonable and timely goal.
  • Goal: My goal is to be able to understand basics of swift playground through an online source or Hashem’s guide.
  • Plans? We’re about half-way through the semester at this point.  What do you want to do with your final quarter in Gnimmargorp?
    • I want to start a new language, Swift, a language that will make me develop on a more advanced scale.

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