Self Reflection 2nd of March

  • I think I gave it my all, despite socializing I also focused really well on improving my coding skills and I did so through “CodeAcademy”.
  • Details: I worked every class for the whole class on the Code Academy Python tutorials and achieved almost half the course by achieving 47%, which I am very proud of as I did not think I would complete that much progress in two weeks. The problems got more difficult but I worked with Hashem and Mahmoud and we tried to figure them out collaboratively, which is a good sign teamwork.
  • Proof:

  • Goal reflection: My goal was to complete 20% of the course and I completed 47%, I believe that is massive success.
  • Goal: Since the problems are getting more difficult I am expecting to make less progress so I am hoping to reach 65% in the upcoming weeks and I believe with hard work and focus I will be able to do so.
  • Changes?:My idea of computer science has altered completely, as it is so much more than games, it involves thinking, interpreting, visualizing, and working with numbers, which are all things I enjoy doing in this class.

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