Self – Reflection Feb. 18th

  • In review: The past two weeks were full of ups and downs. In terms of the “string 3” and “logic 3” problems, the past two weeks were full of success and failure. However, I think I gave it my all because I worked hard and used Hashem and Mahmoud’s collaboration to get through these problems. Despite Mr. Miller warning us about our use of Arabic, we were always productive and mostly discussing the problems as we challenged one another to become better coders. I moved on from coding bat, however, and began to work on the python course offered by code academy. I just began so there is not much to show, however, below is a sample problem in the beginner stage.
  • Imagery:

  • Goal reflection: I did achieve my previous goal of mastering loops as well as finishing codes on Gnimmargorp for rewards. Some of these problems were difficult but I watched many youtube tutorials that benefited my understanding of the codes that were being formulated.
  • Goal: My goal is to complete around 20% of the python course on code academy, and I am confident that I will do so hopefully.