Self-Reflection, January 24th

  • Self assessment: Since the beginning of the semester, I have been giving it my all in order to expand my knowledge and continue to improve my computer skills since last semester.
  • In review: In the first few classes I wanted to review and touch-base on the aspects we covered in the last few weeks of Semester 1. I did so through coding bat. As I advanced in coding bat I started being challenged in terms of loops and logic questions. I worked a bit with Hashem’s help in order to improve in this type of problem, as I did not get the catch of it yet.
  • Imagery: Below are links to some of the videos I used to enhance my progress on the platform coding bat.
  • Goal reflection: The goal I put in my head since the beginning of the semester was to progress and master loops on Python. I achieved this goal to a certain extent.
  • Goal: My goal for the next couple of weeks is to start formulating codes on Gnimmargorp in order to earn a few rewards and hopefully some time this semester I will be able to get into advanced python level and think about making an app perhaps.

One thought on “Self-Reflection, January 24th”

  1. When you say you’ve met your goal “to a certain extent” it would help if you provided examples or spent a few sentences explaining what you mean. This is vague enough that I’m left with no idea how to help, because I don’t know where you’re at or what you don’t understand, yet.

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