Semi-Weekly Reflection Dec. 1st

  • Self assessment: I believe that over the past few weeks I gave it my all in terms of the work I got done and completing the required parts of the semester exam, also known as the Boss challenge on CodingBat.
  • In review:I mastered the string problems and working with replicating and dealing with string, and also got some help from the internet to complete the logic problems as well. I used code academy as a resource in collaboration with my buddy Hashem to master these skills in order to suceed on the Boss Challenge.
  • Imagery: This is an example of a strings code on codingbat in which I mastered working with.
  • Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 12.16.49 PM
  • Goal reflection:My goal was to master most of the Pyhton skills, and that indeed is what I did reflecting upon the results of my Boss Challenge.
  • Goal:My goal going into winter break is to not lose focus and continue practicing Python on Gnimmargorp for more knowledge.

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  1. Sounds good, Karim. If you are working over break and want to ask a question, feel free to email me or any of the other Loremasters. It’s a slower time of year, so we may not respond at once, but we’ll get back to you.

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