Semi-Weekly Reflection – November 10th

  • Self assessment: I gave it my all, as I was not distracted by my peers or anything else, on the contrary, I completed quests along with working with my peers.
  • In review: I moved huts in Cigol and completed the quest called “remembering stuff” which I posted a codex post about. I also completed the “Hunters and Healers” challenge working with Hashem to write posts about the quests that I have completed. I learned how to use variables and implement those onto python for more fun and advanced codes.
  • Imagery:

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 2.19.39 PM

  • Goal reflection: My goals was to be able to complete the quest “first steps with python”, not only did I complete but I started working on a more advanced hut along with completing a quest.
  • Goal: My goal is to earn at least 70 gold rewards before it’s time for the next weekly reflection. Hopefully I will achieve that goal by working with the same level of productivity and focus on the next quests.

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