Semi-Weekly Reflection – November 10th

  • Self assessment: I gave it my all, as I was not distracted by my peers or anything else, on the contrary, I completed quests along with working with my peers.
  • In review: I moved huts in Cigol and completed the quest called “remembering stuff” which I posted a codex post about. I also completed the “Hunters and Healers” challenge working with Hashem to write posts about the quests that I have completed. I learned how to use variables and implement those onto python for more fun and advanced codes.
  • Imagery:

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 2.19.39 PM

  • Goal reflection: My goals was to be able to complete the quest “first steps with python”, not only did I complete but I started working on a more advanced hut along with completing a quest.
  • Goal: My goal is to earn at least 70 gold rewards before it’s time for the next weekly reflection. Hopefully I will achieve that goal by working with the same level of productivity and focus on the next quests.

Remembering Stuff – Nov. 8th

While writing this code I learned how to use a variables in my code. Along with knowing the rules of writing variables which are:

  • It cannot start with a number
  • cannot contains figures that are not words or numbers
  • use reverse words which are:
    • and       del       from      not       while    
      as        elif      global    or        with     
      assert    else      if        pass      yield    
      break     except    import    print              
      class     exec      in        raise              
      continue  finally   is        return             
      def       for       lambda    try

      Below is the code I wrote about my favorite activity, my gamer tag name, and the number of huts in the Cigol Village.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 2.19.39 PM