Moving Past Amazing

With the help of Hashem we collaboratively discussed and discovered shortcuts. For example, when you click on a certain flag the character speaks out, when a key on the keyboard is clicked a shortcut to a tool in the game is taken. The actual game created is so fun to play around with and was actually hilarious for Hashem and I to create it. I  look forward to having more fun on these quests.

Semi-Weekly Reflection Oct. 20th

  • Self assessment: Throughout the last two weeks, I gave it my all in terms of ending quests on scratch, and beginning to get introduced to “Python”, which thus far is very interesting to play around with.
  • In review: I completed the task of getting introduced to Python under Cigol on Gnimmargorp, which helped me correctly install pyhton on my computer and begin working on it. I am new getting introduced on how to work with python through tutorials online.
  • Imagery: I watched a video tutorial on how to complete a certain code on python, in the picture below the code displayed is what is on my list of what to accomplish in the next few computer science classes.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 12.20.45 PM

  • Goal reflection: My previous objective was to get familiar with python because I mentioned before it is when the real computer science begins, which to me is very interesting and fun.
  • Goal: My goal is for me to complete the code above correctly and get it approved by Mr. Miller by the end of next week.