Semi-Weekly Self Reflection – Sep.29th

  • Self assessment: Throughout the last couple of classes I believe that I gave it my all because of what I have accomplished in the class. You might have thought that I chatted in class with my peers, but collaborating with Hashem to help eachother in the quests really benefited us both, and increased our team working skills. I want to maintain the progress I made in scratch and hopefully move on to “pyhton”.
  • In review: I added a numerous amount of features to my scratch programs, I learned how to add a voice recording to a sprite which I found very cool, because I could input any recording I want. I also learned how to use different backgrounds for sprites. I also distinguisdhed different sprites and utilized them in different ways to perfect my quests and programs.
  • Imagery: – this is a link for the scratch quest called ‘Catching Fire” in this quest I learned hpw to use a bunch of looks blocks, I also added a time limit for text that is added in a speech bubble.
  • Goal reflection: My previous goal was to finish scratch and that is what I did.
  • Goal: My new goal is to start and get familiar with python as this is where the real coding and computer science begins, I will use the strong base I took away from scratch and implement it
  • Self-guided learning: I did not use any tutorials recently, so there is nothing I can provide at the moment.

Progress for Kariminator – Sep. 27th

Throughout the last few classes I finished the majority of the “Scratch” quests, which taught me a lot about computer science. I learned to break down parts of the quest and communicate with my partners whom I worked with. The quets “running sideways” gave me difficulty so I decided to persevere and continue it, and that is what I am working on at the moment. The reflection I have for the past few classes is that I have to organize my thoughts and not implement too much of my thinking at once. I believe that I sometimes doze off playing the quests, however, that does not affect my drive to complete the quests as it is interesting for me to complete tasks and move onto new ones. I also moved up two places on the leaderboard which is a motivation to do better.

Progress – Sep. 19th

Over the past two classes I’ve been working fairly hard to achieve and complete all of my quests on scratch. I have only four quests remaining in the “Factories” map which I will hopefully be completing next class, to move on to more challenging parts of the course. Through the quests I have completed, I mastered breaking down bits of information, communication with my peers in order to complete the quests. I believe I improved a lot as a computer scientist and learned to persevere. I hope to finish the quests in the following classes, and get better at creating programs.

Semi-Weekly Self Assesment Sep.8th

  •  Self assessment: The past two weeks I deserve ‘I gave it my all” as I worked very hard to achieve a lot, while creating a game, completing many quests and moving on to new maps.
  • In review: I created an image of my room, which helped me with using sprites and other tools more effeciently. I achieved a lot which earned me a high spot on the leaderboard.
  • Goal reflection: The weeks before I worked hard without achieving a whole lot, while this week I worked execptionally hard and achieved many objectives that I had set.
  • Goal: My goal is to create a game by after the holdiay.