Running Sideways

The running sideways quest was really fun as I had different and numerous characters, I used my previous knowlede of sprites to incorportate it to that. Running sideways was very difficult which enabled to communicate with my peers on a way to figure it out. Too much information was needed to be incorporated. That is why I found some difficulties in finding the way to get around this quest.

Become a Gamer – August 29th —> Video Recomnedations on How to make a game

As Mr. Miller encouraged us to recommend interesting things we come across in this program, I strong recommend watching scratch video tutorials, esepcially the one on how to make a game which is linked below. This video was really helpful for me as I learned how to make a game and will begin to make a game, which will still be named, next class as I am still working on a few questst, in the narrow gate. The link is below for anyone that is interested on how to make a game.


What’s your grade? – August 25th

This week during computer science class I believe I gave it my all. I experimented ¬†with many different tools on the software scratch, despite not accomplishing a whole lot I believe I am becoming a better coder every class. Asking my peers for pointers, working on some codes during some of my flex period are some of the reasons why I believe I gave it my all. I will continue to work hard and hopefully will accomplish a lot. This class’ format aids me to organize my thoughts and when I’m challenged, I persevere to get back and succeed. These are not just qualities that I will implement in computer science class but over all my classes, and in the real world. I hope to get better and to achieve quests and also have more and more fun.

The Spell Machine – Aug. 22nd

My first day playing scratch was fun, I learned how to used the different tools. Looping, and turing my character were key tools. It was very fun to play around with the software to explore new tools and options. Using scratch will definitely aid me to implement some skills learned on a fun and cool software to apply these skills onto more complex softwares and applications. Loops and voice recordings were tools that I learned to apply to scratch to make the game more interesting and fun.

Who am I? – August 22nd

My name is Karim Taher I’m a student at CAC in the 10th grade. I’ve been at CAC for almost 4 years, I enjoy mathematics and science class the most. On the side I also love to play football I’ve been playing for more than 8 years of football it is what I am most passionate about. I am looking forward to an exciting year in this course, and to learn as many new things as possible.

Rainbow of Options – Aug.21st

  • How much change can you create with just one block?
  • Can you reset the sprite back to it’s original color?
  • Are there multiple ways to change a sprite’s color?

Today was a productive way to start experimenting the application known as scratch for the first time. I believe while discovering and exploring options I benefited to become a better user of the application. Learning how to shift colors of the character and reverting them back was helpful to implement these skills. I also found out different ways to alternate the color of the character by using the pencil tool, the color shape, and the pencil tool.