Final Self-Reflection

It has been a great year full of learning and growing. I really appreciate the effort Lore-master Rellim has put in with us, and in return I gave it my all in Intro to Computer Science beginning from the first few weeks.

I worked with many platforms in order to optimize my Computer Science learning. I began to work with Scratch and then as I progressed through the year I worked with Python and I significantly improved my programming and coding skills.

Overall, I grew as a person and getting to know myself when it comes to difficult problems that face me, I learned how to accept that some questions are difficult, persevere without giving up, and finally being rewarded once I figured the answer out.


Thanks for a great year full of learning developing, and growing!

Have a wonderful summer!

Self-Reflection 5/11

  • Details: Over the past two weeks, I gave it my all when I was practicing “codingbat” so that I am completely prepared for the final exam. Moreover, I started to be careful in the language that I use in class, because I lost many rewards and gold awards, I want to continue using English despite sitting with friends that speak Arabic.
  • Proof: below is a code that I wrote:

def love6(a, b): return a == 6 or b == 6 or (a + b) == 6 or abs(a – b) == 6

  • Goal reflection: I did not get the opportunity  to achieve my goal because my goal was to achieve a 100% on the exam.
  • Goal: My goal remains the same because I want to get a 100%.
  • Your year: I never thought I could be coding, at such a high level. I am not the kind of guy that was ever interested in heavy gaming or programming, however, this year that all changed!

Semi-Weekly Reflection May. 3rd

  • Details: Exams are coming up very soon! And I realized that beginning to program on Swift is not the best idea at the moment. I need to refresh my memory of coding on “coding bat” because I need to succeed on the semester final exam. Therefore I began to code on coding bat once again, however, I began to tackle the harder problems.
  • Proof: I especially focused on the Logic 2 problems over the past two weeks!

  • Goal reflection:I did not achieve my goal to be completely honest because I decided that beginning to code with a whole new language is not the best decision to be taken at the moment.
  • Goal:I hope to score a 100% correct answers on the final exam 🙂
  • Plans?
  • It has been a great year full of learning and experiencing new things, I would really like to continue coding over the summer because coding is something I really enjoy doing!

Semi-Weekly Reflection Apr. 8th

  • Details: Over the past two weeks I certainly gave it my all, I continued to learn about swift by watching youtube videos. In cooperation with Hashem, I experimented around with his Xcode program and I attempted to implement what I learned from the videos, however, I think I will need to get far more familiar with Swift and Xcode in order to be able to code at such an advanced level (for myself 🙂 ).
  • Proof: This whole time I was learning swift on a platform that was not Xcode therefore that’s what made less familiar with Xcode. I began to watch videos and tutorials for Xcode so that by the next reflection I am familiar.

  • Goal reflection: I feel that I definitely achieved my goal, going from knowing nothing about Swift, to starting to actually understand the basics and hopefully to start coding it very soon.
  • Goal: I want to start coding, and learning from my mistakes so that soon I can start on my first code using a whole new language: Swift! 🙂
  • Plans?
  • I want to start a new language, Swift, a language that will make me develop on a more advanced scale.

Self-Reflection Mar. 27th – Karim Taher

  • Details: I completed most of the code academy Python program over the weekend, and Hashem motivated me to download Xcode in order to start experimenting around with Swift. I began watching Swift tutorials, along with Hashemking’s help, I believe that I will learn how to program on a more advanced level and hope to do start doing so in the next few weeks. I think I gave it my all throughout the past two weeks and I hope to continue pushing myself to become a better programmer,=.
  • Proof:

  • Goal reflection: My goal was to complete the python Code Academy tutorial and unfortunately I did not achieve my goal as I only completed 82%. I believe my goal was not that reasonable and I must set a more reasonable and timely goal.
  • Goal: My goal is to be able to understand basics of swift playground through an online source or Hashem’s guide.
  • Plans? We’re about half-way through the semester at this point.  What do you want to do with your final quarter in Gnimmargorp?
    • I want to start a new language, Swift, a language that will make me develop on a more advanced scale.

Self Reflection 2nd of March

  • I think I gave it my all, despite socializing I also focused really well on improving my coding skills and I did so through “CodeAcademy”.
  • Details: I worked every class for the whole class on the Code Academy Python tutorials and achieved almost half the course by achieving 47%, which I am very proud of as I did not think I would complete that much progress in two weeks. The problems got more difficult but I worked with Hashem and Mahmoud and we tried to figure them out collaboratively, which is a good sign teamwork.
  • Proof:

  • Goal reflection: My goal was to complete 20% of the course and I completed 47%, I believe that is massive success.
  • Goal: Since the problems are getting more difficult I am expecting to make less progress so I am hoping to reach 65% in the upcoming weeks and I believe with hard work and focus I will be able to do so.
  • Changes?:My idea of computer science has altered completely, as it is so much more than games, it involves thinking, interpreting, visualizing, and working with numbers, which are all things I enjoy doing in this class.

Self – Reflection Feb. 18th

  • In review: The past two weeks were full of ups and downs. In terms of the “string 3” and “logic 3” problems, the past two weeks were full of success and failure. However, I think I gave it my all because I worked hard and used Hashem and Mahmoud’s collaboration to get through these problems. Despite Mr. Miller warning us about our use of Arabic, we were always productive and mostly discussing the problems as we challenged one another to become better coders. I moved on from coding bat, however, and began to work on the python course offered by code academy. I just began so there is not much to show, however, below is a sample problem in the beginner stage.
  • Imagery:

  • Goal reflection: I did achieve my previous goal of mastering loops as well as finishing codes on Gnimmargorp for rewards. Some of these problems were difficult but I watched many youtube tutorials that benefited my understanding of the codes that were being formulated.
  • Goal: My goal is to complete around 20% of the python course on code academy, and I am confident that I will do so hopefully.

Self-Reflection, January 24th

  • Self assessment: Since the beginning of the semester, I have been giving it my all in order to expand my knowledge and continue to improve my computer skills since last semester.
  • In review: In the first few classes I wanted to review and touch-base on the aspects we covered in the last few weeks of Semester 1. I did so through coding bat. As I advanced in coding bat I started being challenged in terms of loops and logic questions. I worked a bit with Hashem’s help in order to improve in this type of problem, as I did not get the catch of it yet.
  • Imagery: Below are links to some of the videos I used to enhance my progress on the platform coding bat.
  • Goal reflection: The goal I put in my head since the beginning of the semester was to progress and master loops on Python. I achieved this goal to a certain extent.
  • Goal: My goal for the next couple of weeks is to start formulating codes on Gnimmargorp in order to earn a few rewards and hopefully some time this semester I will be able to get into advanced python level and think about making an app perhaps.

Semi-Weekly Reflection Dec. 1st

  • Self assessment: I believe that over the past few weeks I gave it my all in terms of the work I got done and completing the required parts of the semester exam, also known as the Boss challenge on CodingBat.
  • In review:I mastered the string problems and working with replicating and dealing with string, and also got some help from the internet to complete the logic problems as well. I used code academy as a resource in collaboration with my buddy Hashem to master these skills in order to suceed on the Boss Challenge.
  • Imagery: This is an example of a strings code on codingbat in which I mastered working with.
  • Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 12.16.49 PM
  • Goal reflection:My goal was to master most of the Pyhton skills, and that indeed is what I did reflecting upon the results of my Boss Challenge.
  • Goal:My goal going into winter break is to not lose focus and continue practicing Python on Gnimmargorp for more knowledge.

Semi-Weekly Reflection – November 10th

  • Self assessment: I gave it my all, as I was not distracted by my peers or anything else, on the contrary, I completed quests along with working with my peers.
  • In review: I moved huts in Cigol and completed the quest called “remembering stuff” which I posted a codex post about. I also completed the “Hunters and Healers” challenge working with Hashem to write posts about the quests that I have completed. I learned how to use variables and implement those onto python for more fun and advanced codes.
  • Imagery:

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 2.19.39 PM

  • Goal reflection: My goals was to be able to complete the quest “first steps with python”, not only did I complete but I started working on a more advanced hut along with completing a quest.
  • Goal: My goal is to earn at least 70 gold rewards before it’s time for the next weekly reflection. Hopefully I will achieve that goal by working with the same level of productivity and focus on the next quests.