I gave it my all

  • Details: I was supposed to create another game, but I wanted to try creating a website all of a sudden. There wasn’t a particular reason, but I just wanted to try it, so I used codecademy to study a bit of HTMl and used the “make a website” help option on codecademy and had them guide me through creating sites
  • Proof: I didn’t have any, because I only used codecademy and did what they wanted me to
  • Goal reflection: I didn’t achieve my goal, because I changed it during the week. As I said above, I was supposed to work more on python and create a new game, but I just took a break from python and went into HTML.
  • Goal: Finish creating the website on codecademy and perhaps try creating a new one on my own, without having tutorials and helps.
  • Plans? I think I can chat less with friends about unrelated things.

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