Self Reflection 3.23

I gave it my all

  • Details: I created a new game called dodger, it used more complicated arithmetics as well as planning than tetris and it helped me more with my loop skills. It is a game where the player has to dodge the “rocks” that are in their way. Although I am not totally done with the game, I am nearly done, as I need to find some music to put in as well as fix some errors, like the syntax error in line 42 of my code.
  • Proof:

            if moveLeft and playerRect.left > 0:

                playerRect.move_ip(-1 * PLAYERMOVERATE, 0)

            if moveRight and playerRect.right < WINDOWWIDTH:

                playerRect.move_ip(PLAYERMOVERATE, 0)

            if moveUp and > 0:

                playerRect.move_ip(0, -1 * PLAYERMOVERATE)

            if moveDown and playerRect.bottom < WINDOWHEIGHT:

                playerRect.move_ip(0, PLAYERMOVERATE)

    These are the controls for the players.

  • Goal reflection: I did achieve my goal in a different way. My goal was to start and almost finish a project, and although I did a different project, I did achieve the goal of almost completing it.
  • Goal: I will finish designing the characters as well as find the music for my game. I will also fix all the syntax errors and other errors if there are more.
  • Plans? We’re about half-way through the semester at this point.  What do you want to do with your final quarter in Gnimmargorp?
    • I will just keep creating more games and study python further.

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